What to do in case of emergency:
Call the clinic as soon as possible if the mechanisms come loose. Please do not come directly to the office. It may take some time for the mechanisms to be repositioned. It is better to have a scheduled appointment.


If the wire has come out of its place, try putting it back using an eyelash tweezer. If it pokes you, place a little orthodontic wax on it until you come to your appointment.



Loose Band/Bracket:  


If the bracket or band is held by the wire, then leave them as they are. If they poke you, put  a little orthodontic wax on them. If the band is completely detached, then keep it in a  paper towel or a box and bring it together on your next appointment. In any case, call our office because  the mechanisms may need to be repositioned as soon as possible.


During the first week following the placement of the orthodontic mechanisms, you may feel annoyance or pressure. It is normal as the teeth begin to move. You can take a painkiller (Depon / Panadol / Nurofen) and in a few days you will be used to it.



Loose/Lost Retainer:
Please contact us as soon as possible to rebond or replace it. Don’t be late, the teeth may move !!


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