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At our clinic, we provide high quality orthodontic care in a friendly and comfortable environment.

Our patients are of all ages and our goal is the same as yours: a beautiful, healthy, lifelong

In combination with a correct diagnosis, we apply the most advanced treatment options,
such as lingual braces and Invisalign aligners. Our treatments are tailored to your needs.

Contact us to schedule an appointment, to learn more about the various orthodontic
mechanisms and the treatments we offer!

Meet the doctor

Mary Zafiropoulou was born and raised in Athens. She graduated from Athens College in
1999 and then studied Dentistry at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom, where she graduated in 2005. (https://www.sheffield.ac.uk/dentalschool)

She was specialized in Orthodontics for Adults and Children at the Sahlgrenska Akademin
University Clinic in Gothenburg, Sweden, where he graduated in 2011. (http://www.sahlgrenskaic.com/)

After her specialization, she worked as an orthodontist at the same clinic.

From 2013 and on, she maintains a private orthodontic clinic in Kifissia and also collaborates with a private orthodontic clinic in the center of Stockholm, Sweden.

She keeps up to date with the newest developments in orthodontics at international
seminars and congresses and is certified for the following orthodontic treatment techniques:
- lingual orthodontics Incognito (invisible braces placed on the inside surface of the teeth)
- Orthodontics with Invisalign aligners
- Aarhus System Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs) to facilitate orthodontic movement

She speaks English, German and Swedish.

She is a member of the following organizations:
- Athens Dental Association
- Greek Association for Orthodontic Study and Research (EOGME)
- European Orthodontic Society
--British Dental Association


The most well-known orthodontic mechanisms are fixed metal braces. They are made of stainless steel and...
This is a more aesthetic choice for teenagers and adult patients, but also for children. They are made of monocrystallic...
These are the latest aesthetic choice. Invisible from the outside, they are placed on the inner (lingual) surface of...
This is also an extremely aesthetic choice. The treatment is done using successive aligners. These splints are made of...

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