First visit

First visit

We welcome you to the clinic to listen to your problem and offer you all the possible solutions. The first visit consists of a detailed examination in which the orthodontist will deal with the following issues:

-- Is there an orthodontic problem?
-- Do we need treatment now or should we wait for proper growth, tooth growth or other factors?
-- What kind of treatment will it take to correct the problem?
-- Do any permanent teeth need to be removed?
-- How long will the treatment last?
-- How much will it cost?

If the orthodontist thinks it is the right time to start orthodontic treatment, then he or she will proceed to obtain further diagnostic information.

These are:

Εxtra-oral photos




Intra-oral photos





and impressions from the teeth for the construction of study models.

Our office, is among the first in Greece to have invested in a 3D intraoral scanner. (Trios from 3Shape). Now, we don't need to take an impression, but instead we scan your teeth and we create the 'plaster models' in a digital format. 

This means less discomfort for the patient, greater precision in treatment planning, simulation of treatment outcome even from the first visit, as well as fabrication of more precise orthodontic appliances, using these digital files.

More information on intraoral scanning can be found here:



Using these data, combined with the appropriate radiographic examination, your orthodontist creates a personalized and fully customized treatment plan, completely adjusted to your needs. Because every smile is different!



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